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Made in Phoenix indie game night was a cool party in a hot warehouse


On Saturday night one warehouse in downtown Phoenix was overrun with independent games, developers and players, backlit by bumpin' live music and an array of food and drinks. It was the first Made in Phoenix: Indie Game Demo Night presented by local indie game incubator, Game CoLab.

Projected on two giant screens, party-goers played Ivy Games' Gravity Ghost and Team Colorblind's Aztez, while Retora Games' Oculus Rift project about exploring the surface of Mars lurked astride one wall. Other games on tablets and laptops littered the tables beyond, including Kyle Pulver's Offspring Fling and Abstrakt Games' Protein Pirates.

Game CoLab established residence in this warehouse in May, offering game developers a place to create their dream projects while surrounded by inspiring people and ideas. Saturday night wasn't the last party planned for the space, Game CoLab founder Joseph Darnell told me. He saw Indie Game Demo Night as a success, and with a packed house, smiling players and games all around, it certainly felt like one.

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