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Stiq Figures, June 17 - 23: Motivational Pokemon edition


Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter.

We won't lie, Pokemon makes regular appearances here on Stiq Figures. This week, we're not fusing the creatures together, or appreciating mustachioed "Gentlemon." Rather, we're getting inspirated by these Pokemon-themed motivational posters.

This Imgur album of posters reminded us to get plenty of rest and to keep on dreaming, which is just what we needed to hear.

3DS LL: 28,281 [DOWN] 1,252 (4.24%)
3DS: 14,988 [DOWN] 2,614 (14.85%)
Vita: 13,422 [UP] 2,758 (25.86%)
PS3: 9,816 [DOWN] 1,056 (9.71%)
Wii U: 5,329 [DOWN] 654 (10.93%)
PSP: 5,091 [DOWN] 560 (9.91%)
Wii: 1,234 [DOWN] 227 (15.54%)
Xbox 360: 282 [DOWN] 115 (28.97%)

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