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EVE Online event encourages players to channel their inner photographers

Eliot Lefebvre

There are some beautiful vistas in EVE Online. You can be forgiven for not noticing when you're trying to sneak your way through dangerous space without getting blown up, but the stellar landscape is gorgeous. So the newest in-game event isn't focused on shooting other players; it's focused on giving everyone a reason to fly around and take pictures of the scenery. Successfully taking these pictures means the requisite fantastic prizes, and you won't even have to stab anyone in the back to do so!

For the duration of the event, a forum thread will be used to post existing screenshots in three groups of 10. Players who successfully find the listed locations and recreate the screenshots will be rewarded, as will a lucky winner who takes all of the screenshots correctly. All prizes are in-game, with the grand prize including a special monument and 10 PLEX. For more lore on the event and the official rules, you can take a look at the official posting.

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