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iOS 7 jailbreak apparently already exists


Update: We've received info that says this is from Ryan's iOS Simulator and is unrelated to jailbreaks. Bummer.

The cat-and-mouse-game between Apple and jailbreakers continues, with the latest victory happening before the public battle has even technically begun. Based on screen shots that have been shared via Twitter, it appears a jailbreak has already been created for iOS 7.

iOS jailbreak community member Ryan Petrich, known for a wide range of jailbreak tools, uploaded the screen shot you see to the right on June 30. While Petrich hasn't released any official information, the screen shot in question shows his unofficial Activator app in use in iOS 7. With iOS 7 still in development and not publicly released yet, don't expect the secret to his jailbreaking to be released any time soon.

That would just make it easier for Apple to fix the holes in the system before it hit stores, something the jailbreaking community would like to keep from happening for as long as possible.

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