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Massively Exclusive: Episode 1 of Mabinogi the Saga: Iria

Eliot Lefebvre

It's story time, boys and girls, and today your storyteller will be Mabinogi. Every Friday through September, the game is offering up a new installment of episodic content... but we've got an early look at the first episode in video form, embedded just past the cut. After the last two video segments on the official site set the stage, this one is where things start happening, and players can follow along in the game if they're so inclined.

Things certainly don't start in a positive light, with the player stand-in winding up as the force behind a demonic attack on a small village. But things just go from bad to worse from there; a flurry of events surrounds a powerful young woman, and an old feud between a shaman and a dragon rears its head. Take a look at the full video just past the break if you're a regular Mabinogi player, as you'll probably want to see this.

[Source: Nexon press release]

Mabinogi the Saga: Iria Episode 1

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