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Indie Fund backs synth-based puzzler Fract OSC, out this year


Indie Fund has put its faith and money behind Fract OSC, the beautiful and abstract game about puzzle-solving with synthesizers and electronic music, developed by Phosfiend Systems. Fract OSC features an open world like Myst and broken-down, lit-up graphics inspired by Tron, combined into puzzles that give players real-time control of synthesized sounds.

Fract OSC started as a student project, picking up the IGF award for Best Student Game in 2011 and grabbing an Honorable Mention in IGF 2013 for Excellence in Audio. With Indie Fund's investment, Fract OSC should be out this year on Steam for PC and Mac.

Indie Fund has seen success with previous investments in games such as Monaco, Dear Esther, Antichamber, QUBE and The Swapper, among other notable indies. Fract OSC certainly sounds like a winner.

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