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Lightning Returns to Final Fantasy 7 with Cloud-based pre-order bonuses


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 sees its leading lady, often considered the female Cloud, finally embrace the look of FF7's spiky-haired hero, thanks to newly-unveiled pre-order bonuses. We'd say this is the closest we'll get to a realization of that Final Fantasy 7 HD tech demo, but Square Enix does love a good remake, so never ever say never.

Put your name down for the game early, and you'll be able to dress Lightning up in Cloud's uniform, give her his Buster Sword and Soldier's Band item, and even watch her celebrate with his victory animation - to the backdrop of the FF7 victory fanfare, of course. If you hark from Europe, you'll also get an assorted trio of Samurai costumes for your up-front cash.

The pre-order bonuses are currently listed on Amazon, although it's unclear if they're limited to that particular retailer. As for the game itself, it'll definitely be available at a whole bunch of retailers when it busts onto PS3 and Xbox 360 on February 11, 2014.

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