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Chaos Rings, Tokyo Jungle coming to PlayStation Mobile in Japan


A PlayStation Vita-compatible version of Square Enix's Chaos Rings and a Tokyo Jungle spinoff are coming soon to the PlayStation Mobile service, Famitsu reports this week.

Chaos Rings, originally released for iOS devices in 2010, is a character-driven, turn-based RPG created in collaboration with Wild ARMs series developer Media Vision. Siliconera reports that the PlayStation Mobile port will be released by the end of July for 800 yen. Square Enix has issued no word regarding a North American release.

Sony's PS3 survival-roguelike Tokyo Jungle, on the other hand, may emerge as an entirely different type of game when it hits PlayStation Mobile. Siliconera notes that the PlayStation Mobile version takes place from a top-down perspective, and Sony's Shane Bettenhausen describes Famitsu's screenshots as resembling Final Fantasy Tactics "with gazelles and Pomeranians."

The PlayStation Mobile adaptation of Tokyo Jungle will launch in Japan on July 10. A US release has not been announced.

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