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Report: Lovefilm will cease UK game rentals by August 8th


Lovefilm has told Eurogamer that it will no longer offer game rentals by mail in the UK after August 8th. Additionally, the Amazon division confirmed via its blog that the option is no longer available to new subscribers. In addition, existing customers will no longer be able to add the service, a fact that only came to light when someone spotted it on a company FAQ (see the More Coverage link). Lovefilm apologized profusely for the non-communication, and explained that the change was made so it could focus on streaming content instead. It promised to contact subscribers "in the very near future" to confirm the policy, and "strive to communicate directly with our customers" rather than letting them find out through the media. The firm's yet to actually confirm that the service will be cut off completely next month, however -- perhaps that would be a good place to start.

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