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Microsoft kills Facebook, Flickr integration in Windows 8.1 Photos app


If you enjoyed Windows 8's central Photos app that not only stored your local images but also those from other sites, you might be disappointed with Windows 8.1, if a post in Microsoft's forums is any indication. After a commenter noticed that Facebook and Flickr integration was gone, one of Redmond's employees said it was no longer necessary since other apps (including one arriving soon from Facebook) can now do that, unlike when Windows 8 was first launched. The spokesperson added that Microsoft "welcome(s) Flickr to do the same" and recommended the People app as another way to "socially engage" with your photos. Subsequent commenters felt differently, with one summing up the sentiment by saying the OS was moving backwards from its Hub pinnings and "forc(ing) you to be app-centric (like Android or iOS) instead of content-centric."

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