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Patch 5.4 PTR: Mounts, cloaks and glyphs


Wowhead's dataminers have unearthed a whole lot of new items with the latest build to hit the PTR servers, as Perculia posted earlier. First up, there's the Legendary capes, with their procs in place, seven in total, with different stats for different classes and specializations. You can also see the 3D models of the Legendary capes over on Wowhead, and I have to say, as someone who usually leaves their cloak turned off, these are very pretty indeed.

There are also new mounts, the Vicious Skeletal Warhorse, as shown in the header image, and the Vicious Warsaber. These may well be new mounts to purchase with honor points, conquest points, or may require a certain rating, or similar, but however you get them we absolutely agree with Perculia when she says they sound PvP-centric.

Patch 54 PTR Mounts, cloaks and glyphsWhat's more, Corrupted Garrosh now has a glowy new look, a vast improvement on his old one, and appears to be less bulked out with all the sha influence.

Instead, he appears to be surrounded with a faint purple glow, whilst looking far more like his former self, but it is possible that we might see the very purple hulked Garrosh make a return, this could be an interim look for him while he's in the process of being corrupted.

There are also several new glyphs, but these are all marked with NYI, meaning Not Yet Implemented, so these could count for nothing at all. Some of them do look pretty great, though, even if several are cosmetic effects like surrounding you in feathers if you have Slow Fall active, or reducing the size of a Water Elemental. Do check out the full post at Wowhead!

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