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Report: Ballmer to make Windows chief new head of Xbox division


Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is considering Julie Larson-Green, the current Windows chief, to take over hardware engineering for the entire company, including the Xbox division, Bloomberg reports.

Currently, Larson-Green is in charge of Windows products at Microsoft: She led the UI design of Office XP, 2003 and 2007, and she managed the launch of Windows 7 in 2009. Larson-Green recently oversaw the Windows 8 launch, which has been trickier than Windows 7.

This is part of a company restructuring plan that Ballmer is expected to announce next week, at the earliest. In June, reports indicated Ballmer's changes would focus on making Microsoft a "devices and services" company, along with giving Mattrick a larger role.

Obviously that's out of the question now – Mattrick announced his resignation from Microsoft yesterday, and he's poised to take over as CEO of Zynga next week.

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