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Today's Xbox Live Ultimate Sale: Games you can't Lego


Today's round of Ultimate Xbox Live deals definitely has a family feel. It even features a family-friendly Rockstar game, for Niko's sake! Yes, reminding us just how drawn out this generation's been, 2006's Rockstar Table Tennis spins in at just $3.

If you're prepared to stump up $10, then you can have your pick of Lego Batman 2, Hasbro Family Game Night 3, Monopoly Streets, or Kinect Sports 2. Or you could always build (or construct) a fellowship with Lego: Lord of the Rings, which is halfling-price at $15.

Don't forget, there's a crowd of cuts basking in the sun all week, including the tanned good looks of Mass Effect for a skimpy $5. Surf on over to Major Nelson's for a full list of the week-long deals.

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