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Sony and NTT DoCoMo announce limited edition Hatsune Miku-themed Xperia A


NTT DoCoMo has a heritage of exclusively signing up fictional personalities to hawk its handsets and following the likes of Evangelion, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and One Piece, it's the turn of not-actually-real pop idol Hatsune Miku. She'll be emblazoned on DoCoMo's Xperia A, on a limited run of 39,000 handsets. Vocaloid's poster girl offers a turquoise theme to the hardware, with a hair decal on the back. While there's no specific word yet on software-based tweaks, a website explaining the collaboration is inviting suggestions for logos, ringtone and wallpaper. The phone will launch in Japan only this September, so we advise overseas Miku fans to get straight to work on that visa application.

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