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Japan gets a pair of exclusive Pokemon X and Y 3DS XLs, world seethes with envy


Nintendo has a history of releasing snazzy special edition hardware outside of the U.S. and two Japan-only Pokemon X & Y 3DS XLs have now been added to it. The blue passive-3D dual-screen handheld features a pair of new legendary pocket monsters -- Xerneas and Yveltal, if you're curious -- and is out October 12th. The second of the duo is going to be more elusive than a Mew. To snatch a metallic gold 3DS XL (also with Xerneas, plus a slew of others), being in Japan to coincide with X & Y's release isn't enough: fighting off the rest of the trainers at Pokemon Center retailers October 12th is on the bill, too. May the best Pokemaster -- with 22,800 yen ($227) -- win! You didn't think The Big N was gonna make it easy to catch 'em all, did you?

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