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T-Mobile changes its iPhone 5 pricing again

In what seems to be a running theme with T-Mobile, the telecoms company has once again changed its iPhone 5 pricing. As first reported by TmoNews, T-Mobile has reduced the down payment of the iPhone 5 by US$5 to $145.99, with the 32 GB now costing $245.99 and the 64 GB costing $345.99. While the $5 drop is nice, the company then raised its monthly equipment cost by one dollar. The price changes end up making the overall price of a T-Mobile iPhone 5 the same as if you would buy it unlocked through an Apple store.

The iPhone 5 launched on T-Mobile in April of this year with a cost of $99 for the iPhone and $20 a month for 24 months to purchase the phone outright. But a month after its launch, T-Mobile unexpectedly raised the price of the iPhone by $50. Today's $5 price drop and $1 monthly equipment cost increase marks the third price point for an iPhone 5 on T-Mobile. Who knows, maybe in another month we'll see another price change?

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