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Xbox Live's Ultimate sale: infinite tombs of judgment


The last one-day offering in Xbox's Ultimate sale is full of fresh-faced Games on Demand. The oldest discounted download is just nine months young, and there are four of 2013's big babies to proudly take home.

That quartet includes the brilliant BioShock Infinite, which skyhooks down to $40. Take a Hamilton out of that and you get today's tags of $30 for Gears of War: Judgment and Metal Gear Rising. Also representing the class of 2013 is Tomb Raider, an absolute steal at $20.

Making up the rest of today's deals are Hitman: Absolution and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The former is just $10, while Joystiq's No.2 game of 2012 is certainly worth a gander at $20.

As for the week-long deals, you've got until July 8 to get down and get with. Red Alert 3 is one of the inclusions at $5, surely enough excuse to link this video, if only for George Takei and that line. As for the other ten, report to Major Nelson for the full list of deals.

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