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Atlus parent company registers Persona 5 domain


Index Corporation, the parent company of Persona series developer Atlus, registered the domain "" on June 25. Before throwing your hands up in glee, take a breath and look at the big picture: Index doesn't own "," "" or other similar constructions, and snagging a domain for Persona 5 doesn't, on its own, confirm the existence of the game. Index could simply be protecting its brand against potential squatters.

Or Team Persona could be close to announcing Persona 5. (OK, now throw your hands up in glee and with full acknowledgement of all the information.)

In August 2012, series producer Katsura Hashino said Team Persona was working on "the next numbered Persona game," but it wasn't specified to be Persona 5. After all, a Persona 2 remake is still a numbered Persona game.

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