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Stiq Figures, June 24 - 30: Castlevania music edition


Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter.

This week on Stiq Figures, we're listening to (and not playing) the entire original soundtrack for Castlevania for NES, thanks to YouTuber JPhands. The Konami-published series has a history of great music, but we're not sure which game had the best music.

Did tracks such as "Wicked Child" make the first game stand out the most, or does nothing truly beat "Simon's Theme," the song that kicks off Super Castlevania 4? We can't decide, can you?

3DS LL: 33,272 [UP] 4,991 (17.65%)
Vita: 31,271 [UP] 17,849 (132.98%)
3DS: 17,440 [UP] 2,452 (16.36%)
PS3: 12,554 [UP] 2,738 (27.89%)
Wii U: 7,060 [UP] 1,731 (32.48%)
PSP: 6,492 [UP] 1,401 (27.52%)
Wii: 1,338 [UP] 104 (8.43%)
Xbox 360: 330 [UP] 48 (17.02%)

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