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Apple celebrates 5 years of the App Store


The App Store is about to turn 5 years old, and Apple is kicking off a new promotion to celebrate this milestone. Earlier today, we noticed the prices on several popular apps dropped to free and thought Apple has something up its sleeve. Now that sale has been made official with a new "5 Years of the App Store" promotional page in the iTunes App Store.

Apple's latest sale features "five landmark games and five groundbreaking apps" that defined the App Store over the past several years. The list of apps now available for free include:

iOS Apps

  • Barefoot World Atlas [iOS Universal; Category: Reference; Now free, down from $4.99] Barefoot World Atlas is a magical interactive 3D globe that invites children to explore the regions and countries of the world, discovering hundreds of fascinating features and immersing themselves in the rich wonders of our planet.

  • Over [iOS Universal; Category: Photography & Video; Now free, down from $1.99] Add beautiful text and artwork to your photos and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

  • Day One (Journal/Diary) [iOS Universal; Category: Lifestyle; Now free, down from $4.99] A new way to journal. Enter your memories, ideas, events and photos to have them synced to your iPhone and iPad using iCloud or Dropbox.

  • Traktor DJ for iPhone [iPhone; Category: Music; Now free, down from $4.99] The world's #1 pro DJ software brings high-impact DJing to iPhone. Touch your tracks and create stunning mixes in seconds.

  • How To Cook Everything [iOS Universal; Category: Food & Drink; Now free, down from $9.99] This first-of-its-kind app of the bestselling cookbook How to Cook Everything from New York Times columnist Mark Bittman has 2,000 recipes, 400 how-to illustrations and a host of features that appeal to cooks on the go.

iOS Games

  • Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP [iOS Universal; Category: Games; Now free, down from $4.99] Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is an exploratory action adventure with an emphasis on audiovisual style. Traverse a mythic little realm, use a sword to do battle and evoke sworcery to solve mystical musical mysteries.

  • Badland [iOS Universal; Category: Games; Now free, down from $3.99] Badland is an award-winning atmospheric sidescrolling action-adventure platformer taking place in a gorgeous forest full of various inhabitants, trees and flowers.

  • Where's My Water? [iOS Universal; Category: Games; Now free, down from $0.99] Help Swampy by guiding water to his broken shower. Each level is a challenging physics-based puzzle with amazing life-like mechanics.

  • Infinity Blade II [iOS Universal; Category: Games; Now free, down from $6.99] The continuing journey of young Siris unfolds as you delve deeper into the world of the Deathless tyrants and their legion of Titans. Can you unlock all the mysteries and successfully wield the power of the Infinity Blade in this timeless swordplay adventure of champions and villains?

  • Tiny Wings [iPhone; Category: Games; Now free, down from $0.99] You have always dreamed of flying, but your wings are tiny. Luckily the world is full of beautiful hills. Use the hills as jumps -- slide down, flap your wings and fly.

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