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Gambling MMO Dragon's Tale prepares for beta


Gambling? On the internet? Perish the thought! Or don't perish it, because eGenesis would like to invite you to give it a try. The maker of A Tale in the Desert announced that it will begin the beta for Dragon's Tale on July 12th.

Dragon's Tale isn't your traditional internet casino, however. There are quests, leveling, a mentor system, and a political system similar to A Tale in the Desert. It looks as though there will be plenty of minigames that swing between luck and skill, including cow tipping, fishing, and maze running. Players can use credit cards and Bitcoins to gamble, and the client will be available on Windows, Linux, and OSX.

Lead Designer Andrew Tepper hopes that Dragon's Tale will create a bonding experience between players: "The first thing that stuck me about online gambling today is that it's a pretty lonely experience, typically one player in a web browser, watching a 2-D slot machine. I've taken what I've learned in the last 15 years building MMOs and for the first time applied that to gambling. I've created an intensely social world where players can explore the game world together, share techniques, and rely on each other as they level up by completing gambling quests."

[Source: eGenesis press release]

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