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New 3DS Mii Plaza games off to a 'good start', says Iwata


Over 200,000 3DS owners purchased one or more of the new Mii Plaza games in their first week out, a "good start" as far as Nintendo President Satoru Iwata's concerned. Iwata revealed the figure in Nintendo's recent shareholders Q&A, noting it had been achieved without major advertising, and saying he expects similar products to present business opportunities going forward.

The four Mii Plaza newbies, currently available in Europe and Japan, feature shoot-em-up StreetPass Squad, horticulture sim StreetPass Garden, ghostly puzzler StreetPass Mansion, and territorial strategy offering StreetPass Battle.

Priced at around $7 each, or $21 for the four-in-one bundle, the StreetPass extras seem to be providing the House of Mario with good returns already. They'd probably give even better returns if they were on North America's eShop, but Nintendo of America has yet to spill any beans on their arrival.

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