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Star Citizen crowdfunding tops $14 million

Jef Reahard

Another day, another million crowdfunding dollars under Star Citizen's belt. The all-time fundraising champ added to its total over the weekend and broke the $14 million barrier. If you're keeping score, there's approximately $7 million to go until the game becomes fully funded by its community. Among the $14 million unlocks are a hibernation/save game mode for explorers and a fourth landing spot on Earth, though Cloud Imperium remains coy on the particular city.

As per usual with these milestone announcements, the firm also previewed the possible unlockables for the next two crowdfunding tiers. If the total reaches $15 million, an additional flyable ship class -- the escort carrier -- will be developed. If $16 million is reached, players will get an arena mode testing feature that hearkens back to Wing Commander's TrainSim, as well as an avatar-based laser pistol to help ward off those pesky pirate boarders.

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