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Star Wars teases Update 2.3 with Czerka Corporation lore


Just in time for Star Wars: The Old Republic's upcoming Titans of Industry patch, BioWare has updated the game's website with... another website! Well, sort of. As of today, players can browse the "official website" of Czerka Corporation, self-proclaimed galactic leaders of industry.

The website is a bit sparse at the moment, but players who want to steep themselves in the lore of the upcoming game update have a couple of things to munch on. Right now, there's a letter from the Special Executive of Czerka Corp., Rasmus Blys, who is definitely not evil or crazy, and a virtual tour of the lovely Czerka facilities to which players will almost certainly be causing substantial damage in the upcoming flashpoints. For all the tasty Czerka Corp. propaganda -- err, lore -- click on through to the SWTOR official site.

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