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And Yet it Moves dev unleashes new game, Secrets of Rætikon


Broken Rules, the studio behind And Yet it Moves and Chasing Aurora, announced a new game called Secrets of Rætikon, due out for unspecified platforms sometime in 2013. Rætikon is a third-person, aerial exploration game set in a landscape similar to (and perhaps more beautiful than) Chasing Aurora, the Wii U game that launched in November.

Broken Rules has been working on Rætikon since 2011, and the team describes it as "a game for anyone who has ever dreamed of flying." Its story is told in three parts, with players uncovering mysteries in the environment and interacting with animals as they see fit: "Lure them, feed them, tease them or let them loose on each other. We don't recommend fooling around with a lynx, though."

Broken Rules is adamant that Wii U isn't a confirmed platform, but hopefully we'll unlock that mystery before the game comes out this year.

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