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Turbine: 'We plan to support LotRO for many more years to come'


Twenty questions is one of the oldest car trip games known to humanity. Turbine likes to think that it's the best at it, especially when it comes to Lord of the Rings Online. In a new post, the devs answer 20 pressing questions that the community had this month.

These questions range from the possibility of live events with developers, how horses are made and animated, the future of PvMP, how Turbine tunes zone difficulty, mailing more than one item at a time, and the proposed PvMP zone that ended up getting scrapped. Turbine also addressed the future of the game and said that its relationship with Middle-earth Enterprises is still strong: "We plan to support LotRO for many more years to come."

The community is understandably curious about the seldom-heard player council, but Turbine says that the council is doing its job: "The council has been very helpful. It gives us the opportunity to have very focused conversations. The threads don't go on in to 40-plus pages and the topics are very pertinent to current development. So far it has been a great and responsive sounding board."

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