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Yahoo updates Mail app for iOS


Ever since Marissa Mayer took control of the CEO reins over at Yahoo, the company has been on a mission to shed old baggage and become a more nimble and mobile-focused company.

Though not a monumental update, Yahoo today did update its Mail app for iOS app with some much needed functionality if you happen to be a power Yahoo Mail user, if any of those folks exist.

With the updated app, users can manage more than one Yahoo mail account and easily transition between mailboxes.

The full changelog reads:

- Multiple accounts: Have more than one Yahoo! account? More power to you! Now you can add all your Yahoo! accounts and easily switch between your Inboxes. Note: If you need to sign out, simply go to Settings and choose "Manage Accounts"

- Business Mail accounts: Yahoo! Small Business customers can now access their email through this app, with all supported features such as push notifications, Yahoo! contacts, and photo attachments

- Bug fixes and stability enhancements

You can check out the update over here.

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