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More details surface on Sprint's upcoming Unlimited, My Way plans

Nicole Lee, @nicole

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We just received a few more internal training documents that further explains the new Unlimited plans that Sprint will be launching this coming Friday. Of course, that Sprint Unlimited Guarantee is only available for the "unlimited" part of any plan you sign up for, and it doesn't mean the rate won't change over time. The guarantee is also only applicable to the new "Unlimited, My Way" plans, and not to the existing "Everything" plans, even if those "Everything" plans have unlimited data. It doesn't apply to tablets, just phones, and is non-transferrable to another subscriber.

Existing Sprint customers who want to swap out their plans to the new ones may do so without extending their contract, though new lines do require a two-year service agreement. To those who have employer discounts, the carrier will discount the monthly data charge for each line rather than the primary rate plan. However, it also states that the My All-In plan (the one that bundles unlimited talk, text, data and a 5GB mobile hotspot) is not eligible for any discount, employer or otherwise.

As for those of you who wisely pointed out that the "Unlimited, My Way" plans aren't really that much cheaper than the existing Everything Data 1500 plan, Sprint has an answer for that too. It claims that the "Unlimited, My Way" option offers unlimited minutes instead of 1,500 and that you can add up to ten lines instead of five. Also, you'll have that special Sprint Unlimited Guarantee, which as we've mentioned is only applicable to the new plan. To help persuade customers further, Sprint even included an obviously-biased competition comparison chart in the packet, which we've included below. Feel free to let us know in the comments if there are any discrepancies, or any other thoughts on Sprint's unlimited plan upheaval.

More details surface on Sprint's upcoming Unlimited plans

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