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The Daily Grind: What MMO projects have you started lately?


Summertime always seems to bring out the altoholic in me. The stretch of largely release-free months between spring and fall is the perfect time to try out a new character and see a different angle of the game.

I'm currently doing this in just about every MMO I'm playing. I'm leveling up a new Dragon in The Secret World after completing all of the quests on my Templar, I'm planning to roll a Hobbit Minstrel on a new server in Lord of the Rings Online to start from scratch, and I've jumped back into RIFT with a baby Mage. Whether or not these projects go anywhere is almost irrelevant as long as I'm enjoying them right now. Which I am.

So what MMO projects have you started lately? Any lofty goals you're looking to achieve by the end of August?

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