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T-Mobile introduces 'Jump' trade-in plan, CEO talks about the 'iPhone bump'


This week T-Mobile introduced the Jump trade-in plan. The plan allows T-Mobile subscribers to pay US$10 a month for a minimum of six months. After the six months, subscribers may trade in their existing phone for a new one at the same or lower price as offered to new customers. T-Mobile Jump subscribers will be able to trade in their old equipment twice a year, including iPhones.

As for how iPhone sales are going at T-Mobile, AllThingsD caught up with CEO John Legere in New York this week. Here's what they had to say:

Though Legere declined to give full details ahead of the company's August earnings report, Legere said that T-Mobile is benefiting from more than just an initial iPhone boost - though he said it got that, as well.

"The un-carrier (approach) is really what started to work," Legere said, sporting his now traditional pink T-Mobile T-shirt and sport coat. But if AT&T and rivals want to think of T-Mobile's gains as just an iPhone-related blip, Legere said "that's beautiful."

Legere said the iPhone made up around 39 percent of April smartphone sales, but that by May, the iPhone made up about 29 percent, indicating strong sales of both Android and Apple devices.

"May was better than April, and April was most of our 'iPhone blip,'" Legere said.

T-Mobile Jump plans start on July 14, 2013.

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