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The Daily Grind: Did you save your last cash shop bonus, or did you spend it immediately?

Jef Reahard

I got an email from BioWare the other day announcing the arrival of my monthly allotment of cartel coins. That's nice, I thought, and promptly sent the mail on its way to the trash folder. Later, upon logging into Star Wars: The Old Republic, I failed to see anything in the cash shop that I couldn't live without, so I kept the 500 coins stashed away for another day.

This is unusual for me, as typically I'll blow the freebie currency on some outfit or other in both SWTOR and The Secret World, so next month maybe I'll splurge on something that's twice as expensive. Who knows. Anyhow, there's a Daily Grind question in here somewhere. Ah, here it is. Did you save your last monthly cash shop bonus, or did you spend it immediately?

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