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Worms 3 coming to iOS as a mobile exclusive


Fans of classic PC gaming rejoice! It's time to lock, load, and blow up some Worms on your iPhone. Developers Team 17 have announced Worms 3 exclusively for iOS in Q3 of this year. Worms 2 was officially released in 1997, and while there have been add-ons and odd experiments like Worms 3D, this is the first new old-school Worms game in a long time. Team 17 is the same developer behind the upcoming new PC Worms title Worms Clan Wars.

Worms 3 will feature turn-based, asynchronous multiplayer online play, meaning you don't have to commit to playing a full game all at once online. There will also be traditional pass-and-play local multiplayer for up to four players.

The game also introduces a class system for your Worm warriors including Soldier, Scout, Scientist and Heavy troopers. Considering this is the game that gave us exploding sheep as a tactical weapon, we can't wait to see what special tools each class brings with it. Gamers who want to play by themselves will get 27 single player missions across four themes; Beach, Spooky, Farmyard and Sewer.

Of course it wouldn't be Worms if there wasn't an arsenal of insane weapons to play with, including new additions like Nora's Virus, a Black Hole Grenade and the return of the Homing Pigeon. Team 17 is also adding a new Card mode to the game. When turned on the system allows players to use strategic cards to enhance there moves at the start and end of the turn. You can build your deck from 41 cards that can be purchased with in-game rewards and, presumably though not officially announced, with in-game purchases.

The game will also support AirPlay, meaning you can link it up to your Apple TV and blow Worms to kingdom come on the big screen in your living room.

Worms 3 is still a few months out, but based on what's available now, this is a title to look out for.

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