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Would XP bonus weekends or zones get you leveling an alt?


Even with today's ease of leveling (and the promise of more help to come), getting a new alt up to 90 can still be a mind-numbing grind. A new character project is all fine and good when you have a deadline ("raid-ready within X weeks when Player Z goes on leave of absence") or a partner in crime to keep things rolling along. But what a long, lonely road is the journey to 90 when all you've got to look forward to are the same old quests or the dubious risks and pleasures of the dungeon finder.

But what if the fat, juicy carrot of an XP bonus weekend or bonus zone were dangling right in front of your eagerly twitching nose? Time-specific XP boosts be quite the motivator -– after all, if you don't hop on them while they're active, you lose your chance to double your gains.

Would an XP bonus weekend or zone nudge you off the couch and into Azeroth with another alt?

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