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Apple looking into possible illegal tin mining after activists converge on Apple stores


A few days ago, we reported on the environmental group Friends of the Earth and its activities inside Apple Stores meant to raise awareness of the environmental impact tin mining for electronics is having on the islands of Indonesia. Now Apple has updated its Supplier Responsibility page to reflect that the company is looking into the possibility that tin from illegal mining is making it into its products. As Apple states on its Supplier Responsibility page:

Bangka Island, Indonesia, is one of the world's principal tin-producing regions. Recent concerns about the illegal mining of tin from this region prompted Apple to lead a fact-finding visit to learn more. Using the information we've gathered, Apple initiated an EICC working group focused on this issue, and we are helping to fund a new study on mining in the region so we can better understand the situation.

The Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) issues a Code of Conduct that helps companies ensure that worker safety and fairness, environmental responsibility and business efficiency are being followed to their best ability. Apple says that it currently has 249 suppliers using tin in product components.

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