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Bank of England releases app to show off all its gold bling


The Bank of England has released an interesting educational app called Bank of England Virtual Tour. The app gives users a virtual tour inside the Bank of England via panoramic interactive photos. The coolest part is that it lets you go inside the Bank of England's gold vault. The BoE stores over 400,000 gold bars weighing 13kg each and worth an estimated US$525,000 a piece.

Here's the full release notes:

The Bank of England's Virtual Tour is an app that lets you explore the famous Threadneedle Street building in the heart of the City of London. Discover the architecture, history and current role of the UK's central Bank through a series of stunning 360° panoramic images. Visit 10 locations including a gold vault, committee rooms, a hidden garden and the Bank's museum. You can also check your banknotes using the 'Know Your Banknotes' feature located in the cash vault.

Bank of England Virtual Tour is a free download.

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