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State of Decay gets Australian R18+ rating second time around


State of Decay passed its Australian Classification Board re-review with R18+ colors, confirming the ACB says no to drugs but yes-alright-then to vitamins. The XBLA horror was denied entry to Australia after the ACB waggled its finger at the depiction of drug use, so dev Undead Labs changed the game's "stimulants" to "supplements" and re-submitted it. Lo and behold, the game can now be sold in Oz, and in its announcement of the approval Undead said, "Stay tuned for more news tomorrow."

State of Decay was the second game to be banned in Australia since the R18+ rating's introduction, the first being none other than Saints Row 4. Developer Volition plans to submit a re-worked version of that game to the ACB, namely a "low violence" one if Steam Australia is anything to go by.

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