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Guild Wars 2's Cutthroat Politics content launches July 23

Jef Reahard

Cutthroat Politics is the name of the next Guild Wars 2 update. It's apparently headed your way on July 23rd, according to an NCsoft press release. Players will be able to choose the next member of the Captain's Council of Lion's Arch once the content goes live. Whether war hero Ellen Kiel or Black Lion Trader Evon Gnashblade claim victory, it will "seriously impact the future events and the Living World we have come to love and cherish," ArenaNet says.

The update will also introduce the Southsun Survival and Aspect arena activities as well as the Candidate Trials PvE Challenge, though the press release doesn't mention exactly what these activities entail.

In other GW2 news, ArenaNet has announced invitational and regional qualifying tournaments. Full details are available on the game's official website.

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