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Lernstift is the vibrating pen that critiques your spelling (video)


One reason that we prefer keyboards to pens is the dignity-saving presence of a spell checker -- but that won't help your average schoolchild, obligated to learn their language scrawling on dead trees. Now, a pair of German inventors have developed Lernstift, a learning pen that'll ruthlessly nag you into improving your spelling and handwriting with the power of vibration. Packing a stripped-down Linux system with a non-optical motion sensor, it'll work out what you're writing and buzz you if it thinks you've made a mistake, even if you're scrawling in mid-air. In addition, there's a calligraphy mode, which'll let you know exactly how you could make your penmanship a little more, you know, legible. The makers have taken to Kickstarter to raise £120,000 ($181,476) in funding, with a pledge of £99 ($150) snagging you a device. If you're not sold, then you can head past the break, but we've already pre-ordered a ton for our local doctor's office.

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