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Steam Summer Sale snapshot: Fez sells 105K units in two days


Fez launched on Steam on May 1, following one year as an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive. On July 12, Fez joined the Steam Summer Sale, knocking half off of its price – bringing it to $5 – alongside an avalanche of hotly anticipated discounts. In its two days as part of the Steam Summer Getaway Sale, Fez sold 105,000 units, which is more than it sold in its first month on XBLA. In the first discounted day alone, Fez racked up more sales than it had in its previous three months on Steam.

On Twitter, Fez creator Phil Fish described the numbers as "BANANERS" and "fuckin' NUTSO," which sounds accurate, especially when looking at the sales graph he included. We asked Fish if he's a fan of Steam sales, considering his game was half-off when it got those mad hits.

"Yeah I'm a fan!" he said. "Even I can't find a way to complain about it."

That's the most solid endorsement of the Steam Summer Sale we've ever heard – go check it out.

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