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Breakfast Topic: How do you socialize in WoW?


It's never been so much fun to get out more by staying in. Games like World of Warcraft make it possible to get your recommended daily allowance of socialization without ever leaving your desk or couch. MMOs are a proven godsend to shut-ins of all stripes, people with health issues and disabilities, parents of young children, and people with awkward work schedules. MMOs let introverts throttle their social interaction to perfect comfort levels, and they provide extroverts with one more way to let loose and meet the masses.

How do you get your social fix in WoW? Do you prefer to play pretty much on your own while chatting it up in general or trade chat? Is guildchat a must? Are you a regular in your guild or group's voice channel, no matter whether your friends are grouped with you or off doing their own thing?

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