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Harmonix vet founds trope-busting indie studio


Game designer Dan Teasdale, formerly of Rock Band series developer Harmonix and The Gunstringer creator Twisted Pixel, has founded No Goblin, an indie studio that aims to become "the leading developer of original mechanic-driven video games."

No Goblin will focus its development efforts on original IP, and will actively avoid characters and settings steeped in sci-fi and fantasy tropes. Teasdale serves as the studio's CEO and creative director, while the pseudononymous "Panzer" works as No Goblin's senior designer and artist.

No Goblin's first game will launch for PC and the PlayStation 4 in the first half of 2014. Further details are not yet available, though the studio promises that the end result will be "a game with no guns, bows, lasers, laserbows or bowguns."

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