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Jet Set Radio free on PlayStation Plus this week


Sega's rollerblading, graffiti-tagging Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio heads up this week's forthcoming PlayStation Plus update. Subscribers will be able to download the PlayStation 3 version of the game free of charge once the PlayStation Store updates tomorrow.

This week's update will also bring a series of discounts for standout PlayStation Move releases, including Sorcery ($5.00), Carnival Island ($5.00), and Datura ($2.99). The PS Vita action game Draw Slasher also gets a price drop this week, and will be available to Plus subscribers for $3.19.

Starting tomorrow, Plus members can save a few bucks by digitally pre-ordering DuckTales Remastered ($11.99), Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark ($7.99), Cloudberry Kingdom ($7.99), and ibb & obb ($7.99). Rebates are available for buying two or more featured games during Sony's PlayStation Store PLAY campaign.

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