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Russian carrier Beeline drops the iPhone


Beeline, the third-largest mobile carrier in Russia, has dropped the iPhone from its lineup and will instead offer customers Samsung phones, according to Russian site Hi-Tech. Beeline is also the third Russian carrier to drop the iPhone, as PhoneArena notes:

Now, Vimplecom and its Beeline brand, the last major Russian carrier that sold the iPhone, has cut its ties with Apple and will not renew the contract allowing it to sell iPhones. The country's two biggest carriers MTS and Megafon have quit selling iPhones earlier precisely because of Apple's harsh conditions.

Though it's probably not in the best interests of Apple to have major mobile carriers drop their phone, the situation isn't a problem for Russian customers who want the device. The retail store chain Svyaznoy still sells the iPhone, and as of June, Apple has now launched its official online store in the country. Apple is also rumored to be launching retail stores in Russia as soon as this year.

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