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Verizon leak shows VZ Edge upgrade program: trade your phone in once you've paid off half of it


T-Mobile's been grabbing a lot of headlines lately with its consumer-friendly handset deals and upgrade programs, but it appears that Big Red has similar ideas. The folks at Droid Life have acquired a Verizon document detailing a new VZ Edge program that'll allow folks to trade in their phones once they've paid off 50 percent of the purchase price. To join the program, Verizon will merely require a monthly fee of unknown amount, and in return, folks can get their upgrades early fee free and sans contract. When will customers get the option to do so? According to the doc, launch is scheduled for Q3, August 25th, to be exact. So, if Verizon can stick to its schedule, its customers are just under six weeks away from being free from the tyranny of the new every two upgrade cycle.

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