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US government to declassify Yahoo legal docs on FISA, secret court opinion

Alexis Santos

Yahoo had claimed that it fought against PRISM since 2008, and now it's about to land previously-secret court documents to prove it. A Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has ruled that the US Department of Justice must declassify the firm's legal briefs and the court's decision on the search giant's attempts to resist the government's request for user data. Uncle Sam has until July 29th to provide an estimate of how long the declassification will take, and the docs can still have classified portions redacted. As The Daily Dot notes, this is only the second known civilian victory in a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) courtroom, and it follows a win by the EFF just a few days ago. Mayer and Co. still won't be able to outline exactly how many FISA data requests they've gotten, but we'll take any transparency from the federales we can get.

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