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BioWare teases SWTOR's 2.4 PvE and PvP content

Jef Reahard

BioWare senior producer Bruce Maclean has posted a lengthy update on the Star Wars: The Old Republic forums. What's the occasion? Why, it seems as if the company is keen on keeping fans abreast of its Summer of SWTOR initiative.

There's some hemming and hawing about the return of the Gree event (July 23rd), and there's also a mention of August 6th's 2.3 update and August 13th's Bounty Contract Week. Most interestingly, though, is the info toward the bottom of the post concerning update 2.4.

BioWare is tentatively targeting October 1st for the patch, which will introduce a new short story arc (The Planet Oricon), two new operations, new 4-on-4 warzone arenas, and new "elder game PvE and PvP gear." Hit the links below for full details.

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