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Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches casts August launch date


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Dishonored's "The Brigmore Witches" will conclude the game's downloadable content plans on August 13 (August 14 for PS3 in Europe). This DLC picks up where the previous add-on pack, "The Knife of Dunwall," left off. The assassin Daud has found Delilah and will come to terms with betrayal, feuding factions and the Brigmore Witches via liberal application of an edged weapon.

Skirting spoiler territory, Daud's two DLC packs take place parallel to the events of Dishonored, leading to a confrontation with the main game's protagonist Corvo Attano. Powers, weapons, upgrades and Chaos level from The Knife of Dunwall will carry over to Brigmore. The DLC is priced at $10 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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Publisher: Bethesda Softworks®

Developer: Arkane® Studios

Release Date: August 13, 2013 (Microsoft, Steam, SCEA)
August 14, 2013 (SCEE)

Platform: Xbox 360® | PlayStation® 3 system | PC

Genre: First-Person Action

Price: 800 Microsoft Points | $9.99 PSN and PC
Equivalent Price Points for PAL and JP Territories

Content Description:
Continue your journey as the legendary assassin, Daud, in Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches. Access Daud's weapons, gadgets, allies and supernatural abilities once more, and bring his twisted narrative that began with The Knife of Dunwall to a close.

After discovering the identity and intentions of Delilah, the leader of the Brigmore Witch coven, you set out to disrupt her from completing a powerful ritual that will spell your doom. Having already been betrayed by your lieutenant, Billie Lurk, you must rely on feuding gang factions-the Dead Eels and the Hatters-to negotiate your way through previously unseen districts of Dunwall en route to Delilah's stronghold. Regardless of the way you reach your destination, one thing is for certain – you will finally answer for your treacherous actions and fall before the mercy, or punishment, of the Royal Bodyguard and Assassin, Corvo Attano.


New Powers, Weapons and Gadgets
The mark of the Outsider empowers you with unique supernatural abilities. Quickly draw your enemies towards you and suspend them helplessly in air or use them as a human shield with 'Pull'. Call upon the Whalers to assist in combat with 'Summon Assassin' and track down hidden Runes and Bone Charms with 'Void Gaze'. To aid in your dangerous exploits your customized arsenal of weapons and gadgets will include Chokedust to daze your enemies, whale oil-powered Stun Mines to shock your targets, and a concealed Wristbow to launch sleep darts and explosive bolts.

Explore More of Dunwall
Make your way through Draper's Ward and explore its streets, hazardous sewers and the two rival gangs' home bases: the textile mills and the boat docks. Revisit the rotting Coldridge Prison, which you must infiltrate in order to free the dangerous but imprisoned leader of the Dead Eels gang. Finally, attack the gothic Brigmore Manor, where Delilah and her Brigmore Witches dwell and await your reckoning.

Choose Your Path
In your quest to thwart Delilah's plans, approach each mission with your own style. Your redemption – or your turn towards darkness – depends on your skills and the decisions you make. Determine your ultimate fate as you conclude Daud's journey in The Brigmore Witches.

Persistent Playthrough
Continue your journey from The Knife of Dunwall through The Brigmore Witches in the truest sense. Your power, weapon and item upgrades, Chaos level, and player actions from The Knife of Dunwall will carry over via a compatible save file option.

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