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FIFA 14 sports Gareth Bale on UK cover


Tottenham superstar Gareth Bale shares the UK cover of FIFA 14 with boxart-everpresent Lionel Messi, essentially notching the most lucrative UK soccer accolade behind the Players' Association and Football Writers' gongs, which he greedily gobbled up last season.

The news could be big for other reasons; with Bale a widely speculated transfer target of Euro-giants Real Madrid, his cover appearance in a Spurs shirt might suggest he's staying at Tottenham for a while longer. Or it could just be a big old platform for embarrassment when he does make the move.

We'll know either way when the latest FIFA reaches North America on September 24, and Europe on September 27, hitting the net-backs of Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. For a lookie at the full UK cover, head on past the break.

FIFA 14 adds Gareth Bale to UK cover

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