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Google Street View brings you 1,000 feet up the Eiffel Tower, no tickets required

Nicole Lee, @nicole

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Once you're done couch-surfing that spectacular Google Street View of the Burj Khalifa, you can now head on over a few thousand miles with a click of the mouse to the Eiffel Tower, where the views are no less impressive. The fine folks over at Mountain View used a special Street View Trolley to capture marvelous 360-degree shots from every floor of the historical monument as part of a collaboration with the Eiffel Tower Operating Company. Google's Cultural Institute then collated all those images and presented them in three online exhibits along with historical documents that tell the story of the landmark's birth and cultural impact. You can head over to the Cultural Institute link below to get a slice of Parisian history, or just take a peek after the break to see a video of how those panoramic shots were taken. Unfortunately, you'll have to supply your own croissants.

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