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Last Week in WoW: I want an eyepatch edition


Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. While the patch 5.4 PTR continues on, one of the most talked about stories this week has ramifications well beyond the next patch. The in-game store for patch 5.4 has been announced, as has a round of transmog and TCG-style vanity items to be purchased therein. Personally, I'm all for it, but what I really want to see is a pair of glasses and a leather-looking eyepatch my death knight can wear. You do that, Blizzard, and you have my money.

There's plenty of patch 5.4 news to catch up on as well, with lots of very interesting things coming out of datamining. Downtime today is limited to rolling restarts at 7 a.m. PDT, but it's a good excuse to take a break and do some reading. Read on for the usual roundup.

Hot news and features

  • Blizzard's offering free character transfers for select realms until July 25.
  • Blizzard has released an official preview of the patch 5.4 Proving Grounds feature.
  • Read up on the latest patch 5.3 hotfixes for July 9.
  • Check out the latest patch 5.4 PTR patch note updates for July 8 and July 12.
  • New textures in the patch 5.4 PTR files may hint at the next expansion.
  • We have two new batches of sound files from the PTR. One showcases Wrathion, while another hints at the post-war climate in Pandaria.
  • We preview Norushen, one of the Siege of Orgrimmar boss encounters.
  • Files on the patch 5.4 PTR point to a possible revamp for Winterveil. We might even finally be getting that elusive corgi for our very own.

  • While there's still no sign we'll be able to play it in game, there's new models of a Hearthstone game board in the patch 5.4 PTR files.
  • There's new 300 stat food on the PTR, and new ways to make it.
  • Darkspear Rebellion battle pet Ghaz'rooki will become a rare drop in patch 5.4 and beyond.
  • Holinka recently clarified the requirements for the new patch 5.4 PvP mounts.
  • Death From Above, the newest faction short story, sheds light on the history of the Klaxxi.
  • The WoW Insider round table discusses the new in-game store.
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